Hamada Elrasam
Visual Storyteller

A love story between a Muslim boy and a Coptic girl ends up with their escape together or even marriage. A Coptic man tries to fleeter with a Muslim girl in the street. A church takeover a land in purpose of expansion for the buildings, or may be a statement for any religious leader. These what the Egyptians used to hear about the sectarian strife proceedings. But what are new about this time at Al-Khesos in Al-Qalubia “a northern province for Cairo”, are the Nazis signs and slogans which used to be used by Adolf Hitler combined with a kids name called “Saleh” who wrote his name next to the Nazi sign at Al-Azhar primary school “Islamic school” and a mosque.

Around 28 hours, sequences of burnings scenes, shooting down as people from both sides were killed, gathering at the church and claiming from the priests for the protection by the army. After then, a customary session for preventing bloodshed until interring the victims.

Ten scenes tell the sectarian strife proceedings in 28 hours at Al-Khesos ended with prayers at the church not devoid of shooting down.

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