Hamada Elrasam
Visual Storyteller



Hamada Elrasam (b. 1987 inEgypt) is a Cairo-based freelance documentary photographer, photojournalist, and videographer who covers humanitarian stories with a critical and creative eye. From the painful legacies of the Egyptian revolution and the Rwandan  genocide, to the front line of Europe’s migration crisis on the Greek island of  Lesbos, he has dedicated his practice to the advancement of social justice and  human rights.

Over the last nine years,  Hamada’s work has been published by the Associated Press, Voice of America, GlobalPost, Agence France-Presse, Al-MasryAl-Youm, Los Angeles Review of Books, Le Monde Diplomatique, ABC News, Mada Masr, Jacobin, Al-Monitor, Truthout, among others.

His image of a protest clash in Cairo won the Egyptian Photojournalist Society’s Egypt Press-Photo Award. The Associated Press published his project “Traces of the Conflict,” which he produced as part of the first cycle of the Arab Documentary Photography Program. 


- Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, American University in Cairo, Egypt (2015)
- Grantee, Arab Documentary Photography Program, Beirut, Lebanon (2014)
- Certificate in Hostile Environment Training, TYR Solutions Limited, Lebanon (2012)
- Certificate in Visual Storytelling in an Open Society, Al-liquindoi Workshops, Contemporary Image Collective and NOOR Agency, Cairo, Egypt (2012)
- Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, Egypt (2011) 
- Diploma in Cinematography, Film Palace Cultural Center, Cairo, Egypt (2009)

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