Hamada Elrasam
Visual Storyteller

▹Egypt Slowly Reopens as Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs
▹People Crowd Cairo's Streets as COVID-19 Cases Climb
▹Egypt’s Grieving Children
▹Orphans by Genocide
▹Dancing Queens
▹In Humaithera, You Shall See
▹Triple Exposure
▹Out of the Shade, Rwanda’s LGBTQ
▹Ranks of Young and Hopeless
▹Fighting Roosters Still Popular in Egypt
▹Egypt Deals with Coronavirus
▹Egypt's ​Déjà ​V​u
▹Former President Mubarak Remembered in Egypt
▹The continuing effects of the Rwanda genocide
▹Devotion to Virgin Mary
▹Egyptian Father's Talents Limitless, Despite Visual Disability
▹US-Egyptian Venture Reveals Splendors of Luxor Tombs
▹As Egypt's Housing Crisis Intensifies, Dangers Mount
▹Egypt's Prisons Can't Confine Love on Valentine’s Day
▹Egypt's Minya Will Soon Be Back on International Tourism Map
▹One Worshipper Is Not Superior to Another
▹With full military honors, Egypt bids farewell to Hosni Mubarak
▹Egypt's Young Workers Driving 'Toktoks'
▹Egypt's Coptic Christians Celebrate Christmas
▹Coronavirus Fears Kept Many Tourists from Attending Sun Festival in Abu Simbel
▹Waiting for the Beloved
▹Minya' Lime Miners.
▹28 hours of sectarian strife proceedings at Al-Khesos.
▹Perseid Meteor Shower
▹Warming up for a civil war.
▹Friday, prayer's day.
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